Cowgirl Power


“Cowgirls are the ones who don’t back down from anything or anyone. The ones who work harder and keep playing until they get it right. Gay Gaddis calls this ‘Cowgirl Power.’ Her stories give women a clear path to find their own personal power.” —Billie Jean King

Cowgirl Power is a book about embracing your story and your power. Gaddis, a fellow Texan who built her successful business from the ground up, shares her hard-won and thought-provoking wisdom on showing up and getting it done. It’s a great combination of story telling, actionable strategy, and a fun history of some of the cowgirls that came before us.” —Brené Brown, PhD, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Braving the Wilderness

When a boss said her concept for a new breed of marketing agency wouldn’t work, Gay Gaddis quit. The successful Austin-based businesswoman cashed in her $16K IRA, and founded T3—The Think Tank—a top-ranked firm with offices nationwide, creating innovative digital marketing programs for name brands such as Allstate, UPS, 7-Eleven, Staples, Capital One, Pizza Hut, and a growing roster of Fortune 200 clients.

A hard-charging Texas woman, CEO, and popular speaker, Gay Gaddis knows her value and doesn’t let gender get in the way of a win. Now, in her book COWGIRL POWER (January 23, 2018; Center Street; $26.00), she shares insights and lessons learned from generations of ranchers and the spirited cowgirls she grew up with to help women lead; to enhance and exude confidence, and develop personal power on all fronts.

Why cowgirls now? Cowgirls have a bravery, authenticity, and grit that Gay sees reflected in powerful women today. She knows we all can channel some of that power.

COWGIRL POWER is about finding your own inner cowgirl to open up a world of possibilities. As the owner of one of the largest woman-owned advertising agencies in the U.S., and former chairman of C200, one of the country’s top women’s business organizations, Gay Gaddis knows a thing or two about empowerment. As the owner of a working Texas Longhorn cattle ranch in Texas Hill Country, Gay is a true cowgirl. Her insights are rooted in the feisty strength of 1920s and ’30s cowgirl heroines who were gutsy risk-takers in all they did. She shares her personal story of bootstrapped beginnings and hard-won lessons, offering an inspiring action plan for women to blaze their own trail in business and life.

In COWGIRL POWER, Gay discusses, among other motivating concepts:

  • How to develop a cowgirl state of mind by owning your own power; it already exists in you
  • How to cross the confidence gap; men have done it, women can, too
  • Cut your own trail; do the unexpected; take opportunities outside your comfort zone
  • Take responsibility for getting useful feedback; research shows men are more likely than women to get specific comments tied to outcomes; do not settle for vague answers
  • Round up your Rough Riders, a feedback system of people who will tell you the truth
  • Prioritize action over perfection; get it 80% right, go for it, and improve it over time
  • Don’t try to separate your work entirely from your home life, and much more

Inspiring, uplifting, and full of energizing advice, COWGIRL POWER is a guide on how to develop a cowgirl state of mind and courageously take power when it comes your way. Whether your goal is to start a family or your own business, to climb the corporate ladder, organize community outreach, or run for office, Gay’s book with its Cowgirl Tool Kit equips you with the know-how to get there.

Gay Gaddis is CEO and Founder of T3—The Think Tank, and has been nationally recognized for the unique family-friendly policies like “T3 & Under” she has initiated. An active speaker, writer, and artist, Gay is contributes to Forbes and is part of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Insider Network. Her awards and honors include Fast Company’s “Top 25 Women Business Builders” and Inc. Magazine’s “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year.” She the first female Chairman of the Texas Business Leadership Council and serves on the Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors. A native Texan, she graduated from University of Texas.