Law and Disorder

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Law and Disorder is not only a legal thriller in true Grisham style, it is also an excellent window into the total dysfunction of the Justice System. I literally couldn’t put it down.” —Mark Geragos, renowned criminal defense attorney and acclaimed author

In LAW AND DISORDER, bestselling author Mike Papantonio skillfully examines issues that could be pulled from today’s newsfeed—billionaires funding litigation, partisan judges ruling personal politics instead of the law, a reckless media seeding innuendo-filled stories—for a suspenseful, highly entertaining read.

Meet Nick “Deke” Deketomis, a principled, brilliant legal strategist with a bit of a temper.

Never afraid to speak his mind, his associates are worried that he has taken on too many causes and cases, and that his history of rubbing people and the press the wrong way will catch up with him.

But when a man is found dead, and Deke is caught on tape wielding the murder weapon, the images go viral and the feeding frenzy begins.

Battling a community hurling accusations and his own inner demons, Deke fights the trial of his life. His family is threatened, and he appears cornered by a system working against him; this time, it might be his friends in low places who count the most.

A riveting page-turner, LAW AND DISORDER is a compelling story of one man’s struggle to keep his family together while helping people take on injustice, powerful interests, and Big Money.


Mike Papantonio, author of four motivational books for lawyers and co-author of Air America: The Playbook, listed by The New York Times as a Political Best Seller, hosts the nationally syndicated radio show “Ring of Fire” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Sam Seder. He has interviewed Dan Rather, Helen Thomas, Howard Zinn, Arianna Huffington, Bernie Sanders, Bill Moyers, and many others. Senior partner at Levin Papantonio, one of the largest plaintiff’s law firms in America, Papantonio is a political commentator who frequently appears on MSNBC, Free Speech TV, RT America Network, and Fox News.