Life After Darkness


“In the 12 years of doing the ‘Dr. Phil’ show, no one has changed me like Michelle Knight and her story of survival.” —Dr. Phil McGraw

Michelle Knight—Cleveland kidnapping survivor and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Finding Me—writes an inspiring and intimate book about healing and resilience, to be published on the five-year anniversary of her escape.

Michelle Knight—now known as Lily Rose Lee—captured the world’s attention in May 2013, when she and fellow kidnapping victims Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were found and freed after years of torture. Michelle was a young single mother when she was taken by Cleveland school bus driver Ariel Castro. Her story of the horrors she endured and the hope she nurtured for more than a decade became the riveting #1 New York Times bestseller Finding Me, and translation rights were sold in 18 countries.

Now, in the highly anticipated and deeply personal follow-up, she explores healing after great tragedy, and recovering from the unrelenting stress of conflict. In LIFE AFTER DARKNESS: Finding Healing and Happiness After Tragedy: A Memoir of Life After the Cleveland Kidnappings (Hachette Books; May 2018; $28.00), Michelle shares how she dared to emerge into life again, rebuilding and re-creating her true self, and offers her thoughts on how anyone who has suffered greatly can learn to find new meaning and purpose.

In LIFE AFTER DARKNESS, Michelle reveals:

  • Her struggle to find love, and if she has been able to
  • Why she changed her name
  • Her feelings about her long-lost son
  • How she adjusted to life outside of captivity
  • The truth about her relationships with Amanda and Gina
  • Her battles with addiction
  • How she has healed and the hard-won lessons she has learned since her escape

Michelle Knight, now known as Lillian Rose Lee, is an artist, author, speaker and a survivor living in Cleveland. Lily is passionate about inspiring others, and now helps animals and volunteers at local shelters, creates art, and advocates for change to ensure others are safe from the experience she has overcome.