Say This, Not That to Your Teenage Daughter


Your teenage daughter won’t put down her phone, swears she hates you, has slammed her door and withdrawn, is a bully’s target, is sexting, has an eating disorder, or is far out of reach. How do you talk about that? How do you bring her back?

Say This, Not That To Your Teenage DaughterThe Pocket Guide to Everyday Conversations (Andrews McMeel; April 2018) by Ilana Kukoff and Jessica Yuppa Huddy is a go-to resource for parents, full of practical, proven, use-it-now advice to open the important conversations.

From their years of experience working with struggling families, Kukoff and Huddy help you respond, not react. They show you how to change your language and behavior to change outcomes for the better, using your most powerful tool—love—to nurture, connect, and communicate.

Addressing a multitude of everyday negotiations (whether it’s getting her out the door or off the phone), they give you detailed scripts of what to say and—as importantly—what not to say, for day-to-day and life-shattering problems; from teenage stress, neglected chores, or “nothing to wear,” to her best friend betraying her, an unexpected family move out of town, divorce, hurting herself, and more.

Ilana Kukoff, Ph.D., is a parent-child reltionship expert, educational entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Cognition Builders, an education company that fosters healthy family dynamics. She has spoken about her work for UCLA, TEDx, and is a parent expert for “Access Hollywood.” Jessica Yuppa Huddy, M.S., is Cognition Builders Director of Curricula.

Kukoff, Huddy, and Say This, Not That To Your Teenage Daughter can save you sleepless nights, endless fights, and, most of all, help you be the kind of parent you want to be.